Monday, October 26, 2009

Winter Tips for our Feathered Friends

When old man winter rears his ugly head it must be time for all the birds to fly south right? Well, it certainly doesn't scare off all of our backyard friends. The resourcefulness of those birds that don't fly south is something to be marveled at and it's over the coming winter months that our birds can really use a helping hand. We can help to provide these birds with food, water, shelter, and nesting areas. Winter feeding also gives us a chance to watch wild birds at close range.

When to feed--Feed more often at times of peak energy demand, such as during temperature extremes, nesting season, migration and in late winter or early spring when natural seed sources are depleted.

Where to feed--Birds are most likely to eat where they feel safe. Make sure that there is nearby cover to which birds can quickly escape from predators such as free-roaming cats. Place ground-level feeders in spots where predators cannot hide easily and set up a loose mesh fence around the feeder.

Water--Birds need water year-round for drinking and bathing. During the winter months a birds need for water will exceed that of food due to the ice layers on their normal water sources. If you live in an areas susceptible to deep freeze it is important that at least one heated birdbath be set up in your yard. If you already have a non-heated birdbath consider adding a thermostat controlled heater. Place the birdbath away from the feeders to keep the water from being contaminated and never add antifreeze or other chemicals to the water.

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